Testimonials from the ECHO Epilepsy Community of Practice


ECHO Epilepsy is a community of practice bridging epilepsy specialists and primary care providers. It is a community of physicians, neurologists, nurse practitioners, RNs, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist and others across Ontario who have participated and benefitted from the ECHO Epilepsy programs in the common goal of providing the best care to patients.

Dr. Jude Obomighie, Family Physician

ECHO Epilepsy: In My Words – Dr. Jude Obomighie, MD | Family Physician

  Where do you practice? I'm a family physician and currently I practice out of two locations in Ontario: The first location is in Courtice, Ontario and I also practice in Port Hope, Ontario. I also hold privileges in Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg. In My Words | An ECHO Epilepsy Ontario digital series (Video…
Dr. George Derbyshire, MD, In My Words ECHO Epilepsy Testimonial title card

ECHO Epilepsy: In My Words – George Derbyshire, MD, FRCPC, FAAP | Paediatric Neurologist

Where do you practice? I am a general Pediatric Neurologist practicing in Thunder Bay, Ontario and of course seizures and epilepsy are a big part of my practice. I see a lot of children with developmental disabilities, I have over 200 children with autism in my practice, there’s children with attention deficit disorder, it’s a…
Dr. Diana Mills-Tettey, MD, Echo Epilepsy In My Words series

ECHO Epilepsy: In My Words – Dr. Diana Mills-Tettey, MD | Paediatric Primary Care Physician

Where do you practice? I am a community-based pediatrician working in North York, Ontario. Why did you choose to become a Paediatrician? Ever since I was a child growing up in Ghana, West Africa, I knew I wanted to do some work connected with taking care of children. So my decision was between being a…

Host Teams

Our ECHO epilepsy education programs are delivered by specialist Host Teams from each of the Epilepsy Centres across Ontario. Who are these experts, what are their areas of expertise, why are they passionate about healthcare, and how can they can they help you? These are testimonials from the medical leads and interprofessional healthcare providers who lead these Host Teams.

ECHO Epilepsy In My Words: Meet the Leads profile of Dr. Jorge Burneo

In My Words: Meet the Leads – Dr. Jorge Burneo | Neurologist and Epileptologist

(VIDEO) What inspired you to specialize in the care of adults with epilepsy and join ECHO Epilepsy? (Length: 4:37 min.) Transcript of short video I don't really have anybody in my family who is a physician. So I was the first physician in my family. And so during medical school, when I became exposed to…
Dr. Andrea Andrade, ECHO Epilepsy "In My Words: Meet the Leads"

In My Words: Meet the Leads – Dr. Andrea Andrade | Paediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist

Dr. Andrea Andrade is a paediatric epileptologist and Director of the Paediatric Epilepsy Program at Children’s Hospital London Health Sciences Centre (CHWO). She is passionate about the ECHO Epilepsy "all teach-all learn" program, its community of practice, and its effectiveness in helping primary care providers to care for paediatric epilepsy patients in their practice –…