VIDEO: Promoting School Success for Children with Epilepsy | Dr. Elizabeth Kerr, PhD, Cpsych

Dr. Elizabeth Kerr Quote: Most educators do not receive formal training about providers are in a unique position to be strong advocates for their patients and to educate others.
Dr. Elizabeth Kerr Quote: Equipping parents, teachers and colleagues, with epilepsy educational resources has the potential to reduce the burden of epilepsy on the child, parent and school community.

Watch the Full Video (Time: 7min.)

“Promoting School Success for Children with Epilepsy” is a new video learning module highlighting epilepsy resources for healthcare providers that can help inform your care and advocacy for students with epilepsy. Produced by ECHO Epilepsy and Dr. Elizabeth Kerr, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Program Director of SickKids Epilepsy Classroom.

Video Sections

00:00 Intro | Dr. Elizabeth Kerr
00:19 Learning Objectives
00:36 Ontario Ministry of Education mandate
01:36 Teacher gaps on epilepsy education & role of healthcare providers
02:20 How healthcare providers can be advocates
03:14 Epilepsy & Teacher resources | School Success Tool Kit
04:21 How to partner with your local epilepsy agencies
05:07 School supports mandates
06:03 SickKids – Epilepsy in the Classroom program

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